Why Your Pet Needs a Raised Feeder..

Raised Pet Dining Tables are beneficial to both Cats AND Dogs! Veterinarians recommend elevated feeders for dogs and cats because they: Promote hygiene and cleanliness. Provide easier eating and drinking for dogs and cats with arthritis or neck or back problems. Aid cats and dogs with megaesophagus, that have difficulty swallowing, or other digestive problems. They also help owners who have physical disabilities. Learn more below to see the long list of health benefits for each pet, and why your pet needs one…


Promotes better digestion. Having their food raised means gravity helps your cat’s food move down into their digestion system. This provides a more natural feeding position, reducing the amount of air your cat swallows while feeding and reducing the risk of regurgitation. This is especially important if your cat has a medical condition in their esophagus that makes swallowing hard, creating acid reflux or vomiting in some cases.

  • Increased food intake for older cats. Elevated food also helps your cat relax while eating. This is especially important in older cats because sometimes the stress in the muscles, bones or joints prevents them from eating very much.

  • Avoids having food in contact with dirt or bugs

  • Prevents cats from playing in their food or water

  • Keeps their feeding station clean and tidy

  • Provides great help for cat owners who have to pick up the bowls for refilling everyday, which is a big deal for people with disabilities.

What is the best height for your cat to eat from? Ideally its the height of your cats front legs, approximately 4 to 6 inches is the common sizing. Most adult cats are on average 8 to 10” tall.



Elevated dog feeders health benefits have been acknowledged by many veterinarians and other dog experts. Since providing my two labs (Chloe and Penny) with their own raised feeders, they started eating slower, (more chewing less gulping) and are generally more relaxed at meal time.


Raised feeders provide ease of access to food and water which can help facilitate movement of food when traveling from the mouth to the stomach.


Consuming food from elevated dog bowls places less strain on the dog's neck, hips, shoulders and joints, which promotes better posture. This is a major importance for dogs of advanced age and those with arthritis.

  • Using an elevated dog feeder keeps the feeding area cleaner than if you merely placed the feed bowls on the floor. Dogs are less likely to drip water on the floor when drinking from an elevated water bowl. Moisture that may get under the pet dish and create a place for molds and bacteria to collect and grow. (Gross)Furthermore, raised dog feeders are easier to clean. No more getting down on your hands and knees to scrub the feeding area clean. Instead, you simply wipe the surface of the feeder table clean. 

  • Reduce sloppy behavior: some dogs find joy in splashing the water out of their bowl and on the floor. Using elevated dog bowls helps to minimize this type of behavior.


Make the dog food “stay put”: It is not uncommon for dog bowls to slide across the floor as Fido is trying to enjoy his dinner. Switching to raised dog bowls provides a stable feeding surface that your pup doesn't have to chase as he's trying to eat.


Make it easier on yourself: Raised dog feeders raise the bowls off the ground which means owner's don't have to bend down as far when filling the bowls. This eliminates unnecessary strain on the back.

dog anatomy.jpg

To determine the correct height for your pet dining table, start by measuring your standing dog from the floor beneath the front paws up to the top of the shoulders and then subtract approximately 6 inches. Dogs should be able to eat without lowering their necks or stretching them upwards. This graphic below is also another helpful tool when determining feeder height.

Dog Feeder.jpg

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