Crate Training Benefits


Women have she sheds, men have garages, your kids each their own room, you’ve childproofed your home for your baby. Don’t our pets deserve the same attention to care?

Crate training is more about comfort and safety than it is about putting your pet ‘away’. It not only provides a safe haven for your pet it hosts a number of other benefits for you and your pet alike.

  1. Safe Place

    Dogs have a natural ‘denning’ instinct and crates can provide a haven for your dog when he is feeling stressed or tired and needs some downtime. Children especially, must be taught that when the dog is in his crate, whether by his own choice or by yours, that he is out of bounds for them and must be left alone.

  2. House Training

    Crates are great for house training. Dogs and puppies don’t like a soiled bed, so a properly sized crate is very useful to assist you in teaching him bladder and bowel control.

  3. Household Safety

    Having your dog resting comfortably in his crate while you are not able to supervise him is a bonus. Maybe you are cooking dinner or working on renovations where your pup could cause safety issues just by being underfoot. Having him tucked safely away will give you peace of mind.

  4. Comfort at Vet

    If your dog ever needs to stay overnight at the vet’s, he will be far less stressed when he is confined in the cage or run if he has already been crate trained.

  5. Damage Control

    Have you seen those ‘dog shaming’ videos on the net, where the pet parent comes home to find his furniture in a shambles? Funny though they are, those disasters could have been avoided if the dog had been left in his crate with a bone or toy to chew on, instead of destroying the designer couch.

  6. Travel

    Finally, when you go on vacation or need to leave your pet home having a crate trained dog is so much easier for all concerned. Whether you keep your dog with you, or he has to be handed over to carers, your pup will be better off in his own crate. He’ll be more relaxed with his own blankets and toys with your scent on them, than one who is unfamiliar with a crate and therefore experiences undue stress.